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Treatment for back pain and neck pain in Monmouth County

Recently, a member of my Red Bank staff returned from a trip overseas complaining of pain in her back and neck. This got me thinking—a number of us will be traveling either by car or airplane this summer. I’m sure a lot of people think that the pain associated with traveling may be worth the trip; but what a lot of people don’t realize is that they could be putting themselves in danger of more serious health concerns by compromising the health of their spine.

SpineUniverse conducted a survey in 2008 that discovered that many Americans (88%) who travelled within the United States in the previous year had suffered from back or neck pain after a flight. Not surprisingly, 74% of survey participants said they would be willing to pay extra for more comfortable seats, or for seats specifically designed for back and neck pain sufferers. Twenty percent of these people would happily fork over an extra one hundred dollars or more to avoid pain.

Unfortunately, those changes aren’t likely to come anytime soon. But there are some steps you can take to avoid back and neck pain while traveling, and chiropractic treatment is always there for you once you return.

Some tips to help avoid back and neck pain during air travel:

  • Pack light and check as much luggage as possible. While many of us have rolling suitcases these days, you will still need to lug those heavy things down stairs, into the trunk of a car, and, in the case of carry-ons, hoist them into storage compartments above your head. All of these actions can be dangerous and cause pain.
  • Be aware of your posture while sitting for long hours. Take advantage of the fact that airlines are still in the habit of offering pillows to passengers. While a firmer pillow is best, take the one you are given and place it behind your lower back for extra support. With some foresight, you can purchase special pillows designed by the chiropractic community to support your cervical (neck) spine during the flight.
  • Pack an air pillow. Today, these are manufactured so that you can pack them flat and inflate them once you have gotten on the plane. This pillow will provide additional support for your head and neck.

Avoiding back and neck pain in the car:

  • Get out and move around. One of the main advantages of traveling by car is that you have the opportunity to get out and stretch as often as you need.
  • As when on an airplane, place a firm pillow behind your lower back if your car seat doesn’t offer adequate support.
  • In general, be cautious not to drive in a slumped position. In the long term, you could seriously damage your posture (even distort the normal curvature of your neck!). We know that poor posture leads to a wide array of health concerns, and even shorter lifespan.
  • It sounds simple, but be sure you are not sitting on anything (cell phone, wallet) that could misalign the seated position of your spine.

Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain at Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center

Whether you are traveling or staying in Monmouth County this summer, it’s important to maintain the health of your spine. Spinal subluxations (misalignments) can lead to countless health problems. At Monmouth Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we use a number of techniques to ensure the health of your spine. These include traditional chiropractic care as well as revolutionary treatments (such as Chiropractic Biophysics, which ensures total spinal alignment and health).

It is important not to get  bogged down in a cycle of treating pain with drugs, which work to treat the pain but not the cause of pain. This is a very important distinction. We recommend chiropractic care as well as acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage therapy to treat your pain. Toward this end, we offer all of these options.

Please visit our Monmouth County neck and back pain facility if you are experiencing back pain or neck pain. And safe travels to all of our patients!