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How it works

Ideal Protein Diet Protocols

Ideal Protein is a medically supervised and designed, 4-phase protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle. During the protocol, patients will consume Ideal Protein foods in combination with whole foods ( lean proteins and vegetables), limit their fat intake and follow a mandatory supplement regime. Patients will also limit carbohydrate intake, which forces the body to use its other two resources for energy: stored fat and muscle. With the high biological value of the Ideal Protein foods, patients will ensure that muscle mass is maintained, and stored fat gets burned off.


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method has 4 phases.

Phase 1 – You start out using an Ideal Protein food product as the basis of 3 of your 4 meals each day. You eat a low-carb, low-fat “regular” dinner. You follow this until you have reached 100% of your weight loss goal. While on this phase you will come into our office once per week to meet your wellness coach so they can take your measurements and weigh you in. This is also an opportunity to ask your coach any questions.

Phase 2 – You reduce the Ideal foods to 2 per day, eating 2 low-carb, low-fat, “regular” meals and continue the Ideal Protein plan for a maximum of 2 weeks. In this phase you will come into our office once per week to get measured, weigh-in and ask your wellness coach any questions that you might have.

Phase 3 – For weight loss stabilization, you will re-introduce moderate amounts of fats and carbohydrates to your diet for 14 days. You only have 1 Ideal food product per day with 2 other “regular” meals. While on this phase you will continue to come into our office to see your wellness coach once per week.

Phase 4 – You continue to eat the way you have been taught. By this time you have learned to eat in a much healthier fashion, choosing healthy foods and the right combinations of foods. As a result, you are able to maintain your ideal weight while still enjoying all the foods you like, but in moderate amounts. Weekly visits with your wellness coach are continued in this phase, including measurements and weigh-ins.

Throughout all the phases of Ideal Protein, you will have the ability to sign-into the Ideal Protein website and enter your information into an electronic weight loss diary. This will let you keep track of and watch your progress.

*Results may vary by individual. Results and photos taken are from Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation patients with authorization to use information about their results.