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Why Ideal Protein?

Proven results. Personal Support. Long-Term Effects.

You may have tried fad diets, failed exercise plans, or any number of weight loss solutions. Or maybe you’ve just decided to make a positive change in your life. Either way, Ideal Protein is the right choice.

Ideal Protein is a weight management solution designed by physicians that is used internationally as a scientifically validated method of safe weight loss that delivers fast results. Monmouth Pain & Rehabilitation has a certified Ideal Protein coach on staff to bring this method to our patients.

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The Ideal Protein Difference: More of What Your Body Needs, Less of What it Doesn’t

Here’s what you can expect: a low calorie, low carbohydrate, protein rich, supervised ketogenic protocol, supplemented with partial meal replacements. So what does that mean? Your coach teaches you, through the different stages of the program, what types of foods to eat and when to eat them.

Ideal Protein makes tasty snacks – just like the ones you find in the grocery store – to supplement and/or replace your meals. Desserts, chips, pasta, drinks, and more. All your favorites, without the guilt.

This program is not about deprivation. MPR’s Ideal Protein coach Laura explains, “you’re eating four meals a day and still losing weight. The difference is that it’s balanced. Although my dieters come in worried that they’ll be deprived, nobody says they’re starving once they get going. These meals are fulfilling.”

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Guidance and Accountability with your IP Coach

One of the most influential factors for people going through the Ideal Protein program is having a coach to check in with. Having someone monitoring your weight, answering your questions, and explaining your new healthy lifestyle truly holds people accountable.

IP Coach Laura claims that the problem with unguided weight loss is the blame game. Most people dieting fall off their regimens if they don’t see results right away, and find outside factors to blame. With Ideal Protein coaching, there are no outside factors; it’s clear cut what you’re supposed to do, and you’ve got your coach holding you accountable. You have to commit, which is often the hardest part, but with a coach and a line of products that build your diet, it’s easier to make the commitment.


Results That Last Long After the Program Ends

The goal in completing the Ideal Protein program is long term results. Dieters learn to manage their weight for life, not just lose a few pounds and then bounce back up. There are two key components to this program: weight loss, and a healthier lifestyle education to help you maintain your results.

Once you’ve made the necessary lifestyle changes and have started seeing results, you won’t feel the need to go back to your old unhealthy ways. Seeing and feeling the difference in your body tends to be enough motivation for Monmouth Pain’s Ideal Protein dieters to go forward with what they know and stay healthy for the long term.


Check Out What Our Past Dieters Have to Say!

“After four years of yo-yo dieting and feelings of frustration, I finally found a program that works for me, Ideal Protein. I was able to see results in just 14 weeks – I feel great! I’m now able to fit into my size 4 pants that I stared at in my closet for years! I was given the confidence to meet my goal and I haven’t felt this good in years! I am in my first week of Phase 2 and I’m excited to move forward as the “new me”

– Gina A.


“For me eating right isn’t just about being thin – it’s about having optimal health. The program gave me the boost I needed to break some very bad habits/addictions and it’s given me new appreciation for food. I’ve tried dozens of diets, and I’ve learned that I am less likely to “cheat” on a diet and thus see faster results when I receive additional support from a nutritional counselor and am weighing in weekly to ch.art progress. There is something about being accountable to someone other than yourself that gives you that additional push you need. The program works, and the results are quick. However, ultimately, like all diets, the food choices you make are up to you. You have to be ready and willing to do the work necessary and make the changes you need to make in order to have the healthy body you deserve.”

– Lizbeth F.