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Feet are the foundation of the human body. Although they are extremely important, they are often abused and forgotten. Fortunately, Monmouth Pain is here to take care of your foot pain needs.


Ankle Injury

Ankle and foot injuries are more common than you would think. Even the simplest sprain can cause major issues to your health. Some common issues that may cause foot and ankle problems include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle Sprain or Strain
  • Neuropathy
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Flat Feet

These are not the only problems that arise when it comes to the foot and ankle, but they are the most prevalent. Because your feet and ankles are your base for posture, issues with these joints may injure other joints in the hips, knees and spine.

Treatment Options

At Monmouth Pain, we understand how valuable the feet and ankles are. The foot consists of 26 bones; that’s a lot of joints to keep healthy. 

Our chiropractors are expertly trained in extremity adjusting, namely the feet and ankles. We ensure that the joints and biomechanics of the feet are working properly to relieve pain, reduce injury, and promote healthy joints to avoid injury of the feet and rest of the body.

Physical therapists at Monmouth Pain work to heal injuries that have occurred during sports or other activities as well as arthritis and neuropathy. We stretch and strengthen the  muscles, tendons and ligaments not only to heal the injury, but ensure the injury does not reoccur. 

Acupuncture may be utilized to reduce inflammation of an injury and direct healing energy to the region. Our acupuncturists are also well versed in the art of nerve revival. When it comes to neuropathy, they specialize in healing nerves to prevent the tingling and numbness that plague very many people.


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Practitioners at Monmouth Pain also utilize vibration and cold laser to promote healing, wake up nerves, and allow for healthier joints.

Once the joints are stabile and ready to function properly, we are able to fit your for custom orthotics. These orthotics will facilitate treatment and keep you feeling pain free while giving your foundation stability.

As if these fantastic options aren’t enough, we also offer pain management techniques to stimulate healing as well as remove pain. At Monmouth Pain, our non-invasive practices relieve pain while avoiding surgery and the overuse of harmful pain medications. 

Whether from an injury, arthritis, neuropathy, or for joint health, Monmouth pain is here to help create a better pain free you!

The MPR Difference

At Monmouth Pain, we strive to give each patient the individual care he or she needs. We alleviate symptoms while addressing joint health. We treat  everyone from athletes to arthritic patients and more with personalized care plans based on the needs of each patient. Don’t allow your essential foundation be forgotten. Call Monmouth Pain today for a consultation with one of our care coordinators to find the program that is right for you!

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