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If you are suffering from a herniated disc or disc bulge and were told you’re a candidate for surgery, try Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression first. What is this? Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression (NSD) is a type of mechanical traction designed specifically for disc issues.  Why I say “type of” is because traditional traction doesn’t work on discs as well as the computerized technology of NSD. Let me explain:

When you are put on a traction table to stretch, say your lumbar spine, it will give your low back a decent stretch. So if it is set to 60lbs, the table will immediately pull and hold you at 60lbs. The problem here is, Your lumbar muscles will tighten, as a defense mechanism. So while your spine is being pulled, it’s not enough to help the discs.


Spinal Decompression


Now with a spinal decompression table, the computer on the pulling mechanism is set at 60lbs. However it will start pulling lightly, at about 6lbs, then release. It will then go to 14lbs then release. This pattern will continue till it hits 60lbs. This is called ramping. It is slow and gentle enough that the muscles don’t sense a danger and relax. Now the decompression table is isolating it’s pull on the spine without resistance. This creates a negative intradiscal pressure. This causes a retraction (pull back) or a positional change of the bulging or herniated disc away from the irritated nerve. This greatly reduces the intense pain in the area.

Discs are gel like cushions between your vertebrae made mostly of water, and are avascular. This means that when the disc degenerates, it continues to do so as there is no blood supply to heal. However with NSD, the created negative intradiscal low pressure in the disc will cause a vacuum effect, pulling in water, oxygen and nutrient rich fluids into the disc, in effect, re-hydrating it. Taking pressure off the nerve greatly reduces the pain and creates an environment to allow for faster healing. This whole process takes about 20 minutes. The computer program on the table is set for your individual disc situation. It is virtually painless and is so gentle, patients usually fall asleep!

All 5 locations of Monmouth Pain and Rehab have nonsurgical decompression tables. Our tables work for both the lower back and neck. If you have been diagnosed with any disc issues, please call us first for this safe, affordable and extremely effective alternative to spine surgery.  If you had an MRI, bring it in. We’ll read it and give you a second opinion.

And remember, Monmouth Pain & Rehab is open during the Corona virus crisis to take care of all your spinal and muscular pain needs, to keep you on the road to recovery.

Dr. Michael Failla DC
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