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What is Sciatica Pain?

Back pain on its own is bad enough, but when nerves become compressed, they can create a condition called sciatica. Sciatic pain can travel as far down as the foot. Symptoms can range from a mild to sharp ache, excruciating pain, or a burning sensation. Some patients have described sciatica as feeling like a jolt or electric shock. Usually, one side of the body is affected and is aggravated by prolonged sitting. Others have experienced numbness, tingling or muscle weakness in the affected areas such as the leg or foot.

Sciatica may derive from a sudden movement that sends pain shooting from the back down the legs. Or it may be a more long-term issue that comes and goes, getting worse over time. Either way, it is imperative you seek professional medical help to fix the problem and prevent further, possibly irreversible, damage. Monmouth Pain has a variety of skilled practitioners able to treat sciatica, addressing both the cause of the issue and relieving the pain itself. 

sciatica pain


The Solution is Here! Listen to our Patients! 

My sciatic pain was really bad. I had been going to the chiropractor for about two years and the pain was getting worse and the chiropractic care was not helping. So, I said enough is enough and I started looking into other places to go. So, I found Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation. They made sure they knew what was going on and how they could treat me. They told me they would help correct the issue… yippee! The care that I’m receiving here is very comprehensive. I’m feeling so much better thanks to the team that is treating me. The doctors are responsive… everyone just wants you to get better. I couldn’t ask for a better place to help me feel my best. Thank you! I highly recommend visiting this facility!”

– Fredrick R. 

Whether it’s caused from a car accident, slip, fall, sports injury, or something else, our team is ready to help! 

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