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Percussion Therapy

Muscle and Joint pain! These are words a professional sports team does NOT want to hear from their players. They need them to be on top of their game to win. As you can imagine, they have access to state of the art therapy to get the team well quickly. At Monmouth Pain we also have access to a machine that the top athletes use to achieve this. Enter The Vibracussor Percussion Therapy!

This is an instrument that uses a pumping action and multiple percussive waves to increase circulation and lymphatic flow and decrease muscle spasm. These waves also heighten neurological awareness to specific areas of the body. Translated, this means more sensation and energy! Joint fixations like frozen shoulder, post surgical muscle scar tissue, and shortened ligaments are just a few of the conditions The Vibracussor quickly works on, decreasing pain, increasing range of motion and flushing out toxins.  It can even improve postural distortions. So when you’re ready to have the same treatment your favorite professional athlete gets, come see us at Monmouth Pain.


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