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Carpal Tunnel


In this pandemic world, we have been turning more to our computers for family gatherings, meetings, work, and even social events. All this typing has, as a nation, increased our wrist pains. Because tendinitis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pressure on the median nerve) develops over a period of time, we are doing a lot of damage to the wrist area with everyday activities.

What we end up with is lots of tendon inflammation, muscle strains and Carpal bones mis-aligned. The pain can be sharp, burning and constant. You literally feel “handcuffed” from the discomfort!  Fortunately at Monmouth Pain, we take a multi approach to fix your wrist problems and get you pain free! We use the latest technology with low level laser (cold laser) to remove the inflammation from the wrist joint. Sometimes just the swelling is more painful than the condition. We use Vibration therapy to get more blood circulation to the area to increase the rate of healing. Acupuncture to push out the stagnant buildup to help decrease pain, and increase movement. And chiropractic adjustments to make sure your Carpal Tunnel nerves are free of bone pressure.

This recipe will get you typing away with, of course, the proper seating bio mechanics we’ll show you. You’ll be so happy being pain free, you’ll want to shake our hand! (That is, when we’re allowed to!)

If you are experiencing wrist pain and are looking to find relief, don’t hesitate. Call for help now.

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