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The Benefits of Power Plate Vibration Therapy at Monmouth Pain

Oct 7, 2020 | Wellness

At Monmouth Pain, we offer vibration therapy through the use of our Power Plates. The Power Plates can be used for anything from neuropathy to back pain to athletic rehabilitation.

Remember as a kid “playing” with your voice? The coolest medium to try changing your voice with was definitely vibration.  Little did you know, sitting, standing and lying on something that vibrates not only alters your voice, it actually has therapeutic benefits!


Power Plate


Power Plates were originally developed to fight muscle and bone density loss in zero gravity. Yes, I am talking about astronauts. While the mechanism is not completely understood, researchers have come up with a few valid explanations. Vibration increases blood flow to muscles and bones, allowing them to repair at a faster rate. Vibration may also stimulate nerves to release signals for stem cells found in bone marrow to become osteoblasts or bone building cells. Vibration can build a stronger, better you.

Speaking of building strength, vibration therapy has proven to be a fantastic ally for athletes. The rapid osculating motion of the Power Plate accelerates the physiological effects of exercise in a shorter time period. Not only does it strengthen muscles faster, the power plate can facilitate neurological training. Athletes can stand on the vibration plate and practice movements specific to their sport while the ground is unsteady. This proprioceptive training gives the athlete a competitive edge on solid ground since his or her brain will not have to work as hard to do the same movements.

Not only will it increase athletic performance, the power plate is a great recovery method. Studies have proven an athlete’s body will recover more efficiently due to the increase in blood flow which will increase the amount of oxygen traveling to the tissues. This will also improve the level of lactate oxidation. One study reported a decrease in lactic acid in athletes who use vibration therapy post workout of approximately 94%. (Kang) Because of the significant decrease in lactic acid, soreness is also diminished. This increase in blood flow can expedite the rehabilitation process post injury and with chronic injuries as well.

Moreover, vibration can be used for pain relief. Not only will it loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow, the power plate vibration can actually activate your central nervous system. The sensation distracts pain receptors by creating a buzz similar to radio static. While vibration inhibits nerves from communicating pain signals to the brain, it allows other nerves that had been inhibited by pain nerves to awaken and open a line of communication to the brain again. Thus, the power plate vibration is excellent for treating pain and neuropathy.


vibration therapy


The benefits of the Power Plates are endless with more research being performed daily. If you are looking to build stronger bones and muscles, take your athletics to the next level or decrease symptoms of pain and numbness, look no further. Each of our expertly staffed clinics in Monmouth and Ocean counties have multiple Power Plates for patients to utilize and enjoy improvements in their health.

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