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Meet the newest member of the Monmouth Pain Acupuncture team, Danielle Lee, DAOM, L.Ac!

Dr. Danielle Lee is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) and is a board-certified Herbalist. She graduated from Baruch College and received her Master of Sciences Degree from the Tri-State College in NYC. She attained her doctorate degree in Acupuncture at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in California. She continued her extensive training in various specialties in both in Shang Hai and in San Francisco, developing her skills in pain management and women’s health, among other specialties.

Dr. Lee then spent years at various hospitals and clinics in New York before moving to New Jersey to work with a Chiropractic Health Center as their chief acupuncturist. After a long stay there she spent last year at a local Orthopedic Medical Facility as one of their main acupuncturists, before arriving at Monmouth Pain.

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