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You’ve checked all the boxes, tried all the therapies, now the only thing left to do is surgery. Pre and post-surgical has been proven to improve your surgery’s outcome without as many complications.

At Monmouth Pain in Monmouth and Ocean county NJ, we pride ourselves on giving the highest quality of care and focus on our patient success. Our specialized therapists are involved from the pre- surgery program through your post-op progress. 

I know what you’re thinking; why do I have to do therapy before my surgery? By strengthening the injured region, we are creating a more stable joint going into surgery while increasing mobility through stretching and exercising. This produces a healthier joint, allowing your surgeons to perform the necessary repairs more easily and effectively. The increased pre-op stability and mobility will decrease healing time post-operation as well. 



Once you come out of surgery, most doctors check in on you a few times but what you don’t realize is they also check your therapy progress. Your success, their success, and our success are all intertwined. It is important to start your therapy as soon as your surgeon gives the okay to prevent re-injury and reduce recovery time.

Since you’ve been consistent with your pre-surgical care, post-surgical therapy should be much easier and results will come much quicker.

While in therapy, you will be given various exercises and stretches to continue to strengthen and increase mobility to build a healthier joint. To ensure a quick and effective recovery, you will also be given a home exercise program to facilitate the progress. 

At Monmouth Pain, our expert therapists are here to help you every step of the way to navigate the choppy waters of pre and post-surgical care. Sometimes surgery is unavoidable so let Monmouth Pain facilitate your recovery and support you as you move forward!



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