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The benefits of vibration therapy utilizing Monmouth Pain’s Power Plate technology.



When you think of rehabilitative care, you most likely think of back adjustments, massage therapy, and similar therapeutic approaches. Vibration therapy utilizing the Power Plate, one of the latest in innovative athletic-training technology, might not come to mind. 

Yet such advanced technology is exactly what we offer at MPR to ensure you have access to the safest and most effective ways of improving your body’s alignment, strength, and overall function.

The purpose of vibration therapy is to stimulate muscle contractions by sending 30 to 50 vibrations per second at safe levels of energy throughout your body. Your muscles naturally react with contractions at the same rate that are three-dimensional for a complete and in-depth workout.

The Power Plate is meant for everyone, whether you are older or younger, in shape or not. In fact, because it requires minimal effort on the user’s part, it’s an ideal option for those with limiting health conditions, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.


vibration therapy


Some other benefits of the Power Plate include:

  • increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • improved range of motion
  • increased bone mineral density
  • reduced pain and soreness
  • faster recovery from exercise

Moreover, vibration can be used for pain relief. Not only will it loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow, the Power Plate vibration can actually activate your central nervous system.

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