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Due to its increased mobility, the shoulder joint has become an extremely common area for shoulder pain. 

The shoulder is a complex joint made up of a combination of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to allow movement in all directions. This increased movement makes the joint more susceptible to injury and if left untreated, can become arthritic and even frozen over time.

Common ailments we treat at Monmouth Pain include (but are not limited to) sports injuries, rotator cuff tears, frozen  shoulder, shoulder instability, nerve impingement, bursitis, tendonitis and more.

shoulder pain


At Monmouth Pain in Monmouth and Ocean county, NJ we offer non-surgical options for pain management, treatment for injury, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation. We start with an evaluation to determine which portion of the intricate joint is injured and create a therapy program specific to your needs!

Not only will we help rehabilitate your injury, our expert practitioners will build a home exercise program to ensure the shoulder joint stays strong throughout your lifetime!

Don’t let shoulder pain stop you from your daily activities! Call Monmouth Pain today to start the rehabilitation process and create an easier, pain free future!

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