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When we discuss whiplash, usually our first thought goes to the neck.

Not many people realize that whiplash is also possible in the lower back. Essentially, this is an injury of the muscles and ligaments in the lower back caused by a sudden and forceful back then forth motion of the upper body. low back whiplash is most commonly a result of car accidents, sports accidents, or other falls and traumas.



Because of the intensity of this injury, the ligaments and muscles contract and lengthen causing damage to those structures, inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, ect. Here at Monmouth Pain we offer a variety of tools to support and expedite the healing process including chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, vibration therapy, and medical services. Low back whiplash is a real and serious pain.

If you are experiencing any low back pain, let Monmouth Pain assess your injury and facilitate your healing process.

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