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Tennis Elbow


Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is a condition involving the group of tendons that attach on the outside (or lateral) part of the elbow.

Tendons attach muscles to bones.  When this tendon becomes irritated or inflamed due to repetitive strain or injury it can weaken at the site of the attachment.

Anyone can develop tennis elbow. It is not a condition limited to tennis players or even athletes for that matter. Lateral Epicodylitis is considered an overuse injury. Repetitive gripping, grasping or lifting involving this tendon can create inflammation and degeneration of this area. Activities such as painting, plumbing, meat-slicing all can cause someone to develop tennis elbow. Additionally, any direct blow or trauma to this area, such as falling on the elbow, can cause tennis elbow. 


Tennis Elbow

The most notable sign is PAIN. The outside area of the elbow can become swollen, tender and painful to move. Also, movements involving lifting, gripping or grasping can become painful and cumbersome.

Treatment at Monmouth Pain involves reducing pain and inflammation of the tendon.  Once pain and swelling have diminished the goal is to improve joint mechanics through occupational therapy with the utilization of a stretching and exercise program to stabilize the joint.

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