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The patient is participating in the Brock String exercise.  This exercise is used to work on convergence/divergence of the eyes, eye strain related headaches as well as improving the focusing ability. 

This exercise is an example of vision therapy which is designed to aide in a multitude of ocular motility disorders. These disorders include trouble with eye convergence/divergence, peripheral vision issues, eye strain related syndromes,  and eye strain related headaches to name a few. Dysfunction in ocular motility (movement of the eyes) can occur for many reasons including:

Whiplash associated syndromes found with many motor vehicle accidents
Brain injuries whether traumatic or atraumatic
Spinal cord injuries
Strokes of the occipital lobe
Acute concussions
Chronic concussion symptoms
Too much screen time
Cervical soft tissue dysfunction

Patients can achieve good results with decreasing eye strain with functional activities such as driving, reading, working on the computer as well as improving overall focus and eye motility with vision therapy.

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