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Pain Behind


Move Forward Toward a Better You and Leave Pain Behind

It’s no secret that this global pandemic has impacted our communities, our plans for traveling, attending events, and made us look at things from a different perspective. A lot of people have spent so much time indoors cooped up in their homes and haven’t moved their bodies for an entire year. Now that things are slowly starting to take a turn for the better, so is health, fitness, and movement. However, after not being active for a year and jumping head first into getting mobile, getting back into fitness routines, and even going for long walks has become difficult. Some people find themselves more prone to injuries, not stretching properly before a workout and falling more frequently, etc. Just as we all rebuild our pre-pandemic routines, we must reconstruct our movement, fitness and activities in the same way.


pain behind


As we all go about resuming our pre-pandemic active routines, it’s important to remember the idea of gradually building back up to the levels you had been at previously. For example, instead of resuming walking 3-4 miles a day as part of your wellness routine, start with 1-2 miles, and once you get the hang of it, move forward with more miles. Want to get back into your gym routine? Start off with easier workouts to give your body time to build back the resistance so you can move forward with more strength. Whatever it is that you choose to do in order to ensure that you are getting back to being active, be sure to start slow and steady so you are ready to continue to move forward strong. Ready to conquer the day, ready to take back control of your wellness routines, and ready to move forward without pain.

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