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Non-invasive Alternative to Surgery


At Monmouth Pain, we pride ourselves with the ability to allow our patients to avoid surgery.

We utilize a combination of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, vibration therapy, cold laser, and non-invasive injections to help our patients through the healing process. Although not all surgeries can be avoided, we create a specialized plan specific to your needs to promote healing in a less invasive way! If you are looking to evade the surgeon but still heal in a timely manner, call Monmouth Pain today to a consultation! 



Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • We utilize Spinal Decompression traction to open up the vertebrae in your neck or lower back gently providing intervertebral discs more nourishment of blood and giving the spinal nerves more space to function properly. This therapy is best for patients who suffer from disc herniations that impinge on the spinal nerves causing pain symptoms from the neck into the upper extremities or lower back pain into the lower extremities. This therapy helps patients avoid disc herniation surgery including microdiscectomies and lumbar fusion. 
  • Powerplate therapy is used at Monmouth Pain – a form of vibration therapy to awaken the surrounding muscles and nerves. This therapy is optimally used in patients who suffer with Neuropathy in their feet; restoring or improving the numbness and tingling that is typically felt with patients suffering from Neuropathy. This service can help avoid nerve decompression surgery used to combat neuropathy. 
  • At Monmouth Pain we may also apply our cold laser to an injured area to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation. This gives your body the ability to repair and refocus to expedite the healing process. 
  • At Monmouth Pain we offer physical and occupational therapies. These licensed Doctors help avoid surgery by rehabbing your injuries using therapeutic activities and exercises, Neuromuscular Re-education, and manual therapies. Patients looking to avoid surgery can be sure they will be rehabbed at the root of their cause of pain, rather than getting a quick fix.
  • Chiropractic Care offered at Monmouth Pain will help you avoid surgery by diagnosing the source of your condition. Our practitioners are licensed Doctors who excel in neuromusculoskeletal issues by finding the root of your pain and treating your condition using manual soft tissue techniques and spinal manipulation to move joints that may not be moving properly and providing you with proper alignment to ensure your nerve and muscle health. 
  • Our highly skilled acupuncturists promote healing through their own specialized techniques by relaxing the body, promoting blood and energy flow, and allowing nerves to refocus and heal tissues. 
  • Our medical doctor at Monmouth Pain provides a plethora of surgery alternatives including gel injections to avoid knee surgery, epidural steroid injections, and many other non-invasive techniques to reduce pain. 

While not all surgeries can be avoided, at Monmouth Pain, we work with you and exhaust every option to help you heal your body in a less invasive way. Our specially trained practitioners work together and with you to create the best treatment plan specialized to help you live your best life! Why wait? Call Monmouth Pain today to see how we can help you!



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