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Doing Great Things

So you’re indefinitely in quarantine.  You have more time on your hands than you ever had in your life.  Funny how so much time can cause so much aggravation and stress.  This is due to not knowing how to fill that time.  Your thoughts go to the worst of the situation, increasing that stress.  Well, this is the chance to do those things that were put on the back burner.  It’s also a chance to try something different and challenging, expanding our know-how and wheelhouse.  Here are a few ideas to jump into headfirst!

TEACH YOURSELF HOW TO COOK:  If PB and J sandwiches is the high point of your cooking knowledge, you owe it to yourself to become the chef of your own home.  When the isolation is over, throw a party and impress your friends with your kitchen prowess.  There are lots of apps on cooking instruction and YouTube has a library of videos.

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE ONLINE:  Generally learning a new language takes a lot of time.  Well, guess what!  We have lots of that!  There are app programs like Babel or Rosetta Stone designed to immerse you into the language and culture.  Learning a second language will open new horizons to you and is valuable in the business world.

BINGE ON NETFLIX:  Catch up on those shows that are hard to watch because work and obligations get in the way.  Take a few hours, make some popcorn and jump into the lounge chair.  Don’t overdo it till you become a couch potato, but enjoy yourself.  On this note, avoid watching constant news on the Corona Virus.  That will increase your stress levels.  If you need info on COVID 19, just go to the CDC website.  See what you have to see and get out.

ORGANIZE CLUTTER.  You know those shelves in the garage that’s stuffed with god knows what. That pantry whose door can’t close.  Now is the time to clean it up  Throw away what you don’t need.  What you SERIOUSLY don’t need!  Studies show the less mess there is, the less stress we have. 

PLAY GAMES:  Board games that is.  Or computer ones.  This is something the whole family can enjoy and gives quality time together.  If your family is big, make teams.  Competition (in a fun way) decreases our anxiety and stress.  And laughter, which these games bring on, increases our “happy hormones”.  So sharpen your Pictionary skills and have fun!

EXERCISE:  We talked about this before, but it’s worth repeating.  Get on a bike or take a walk.  Not only does it increase our cardio health, but getting out reduces our stress by being in the fresh air.  And don’t forget that good Vitamin D from the sun.  If you’re inside, get on YouTube and teach yourself Yoga or Pilates.

READ:  (and Write).  Now is the time to do some pleasure reading.  When was the last time you could spend lots of time reading something that isn’t required for work, or whatever.  Read a series, like Lord of the Rings.  This is also a good time to write.  Anything,  Letters to friends, a journal or even a short story.  Try to write a song. Expand your mind.

We may never get another chance to do these things.  So let’s take advantage of the time during this quarantine and make it worthwhile. 

And don’t forget.  If you’re achy and sore, we at Monmouth Pain and Rehab are open and ready to help you.  Just give us a call.

Dr. Michael Failla, DC